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Anti Money Laundering - Altras International Money Transfer


Money Laundering is a serious threat to financial system of all countries and it leads to destruction of the country’s sovereignty and character. This has been widely recognized at the international level. The recognition has culminated in concerted efforts all over the world to fight this ultra-criminal activity thru enactment of stringent laws, regulations and measures aimed at securing financial systems against money laundering.

Altras International Ltd is committed to ensure the highest ethical professional standards in the conduct of its business activities.

The adoption of this policy is aimed at increasing awareness of money laundering activity and its ill effects and to simultaneously to counter ML in a significant way, including guarding against the ML all times.

The directives by HMRC , FCA and other bodies to which Altras International Ltd subscribes will be abided by Altras International in all it financial activities.

To comply with HMRC Money Laundering Regulations 2007 the customer is required to provide their ids in the following circumstance:

  • If the amount sent is equal to or over 600
  • If the amount sent is over 1999 then the customer is required to provide their Identification plus their proof of address
  • If the total of the several transactions within 30 days is equal to 600 or over 600

By law we must keep identifications and address details for our entire customer as stated by UK financial regulators HMRC and Financial Conduct Authority.

Transactions documentations may include transaction history, invoices or any supporting documents given in relation to the conduct of processing money transfers.

Altras International Ltd will keep all information supplied confidential and will not disclose to any third party unless permission to do so is requested by law.

Identification Requirement:

According to HMRC Money Laundering Regulations 2007 Money Service Businesses (MSB’s) obliged to take and verify customers ID’s supplied by customer, we emphasize that the law applies to all Money Transfer Companies in the United Kingdom without exceptions.

Therefore, Altras International Ltd must adhere to Money Laundering Regulations as stated above. All customers must provide valid identifications where applicable to process money transfers.

To utilize our services you must provide valid identification (if applicable) clarifying your identity and proof of where you live to confirm your current address in the UK.

Acceptable ID’s:

  • Passport
  • UK Driving Licence
  • EU National Identity Card

Acceptable Proof of address:

  • Local council tax bill
  • Statement from financial institution ( dated within the last 3 month)
  • Utility bill ( dated within the last 3 month)
  • Housing agreement from local authorities


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